'Frisian Flag' 2022 Leeuwarden Air Base,
The Netherlands

From Monday, March 28 2022 until Friday, April 8 2022, the exercise 'Frisian Flag 2022' will take place at Leeuwarden Air Base in The Netherlands.
Participants will practice complex missions in an international context for a fortnight. Twice a day, around 30 aircraft will take to the air for a training mission.
The flight movements take place from Monday to Friday between 08.00 and 17.00 hours. In principle, no flights are carried out in the evenings or weekends, unless technical support is required for foreign participants.
Leeuwarden airbase is located in the middle of the largest training area in Western Europe, most of which is above the North Sea. Therefore no training time is lost by flying to and from the training area. The flying time is effectively used for training purposes and therefore the exercise lasts only two weeks. Moreover, the airbase has years of experience as a knowledge centre for flight operations and has the infrastructure to operate with a large number of different aircraft including supporting personnel.
International cooperation proved its worth during past missions, such as over Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq. All differed greatly in terms of threat level and tasks for the pilots. Through exercises such as Frisian Flag, pilots are prepared for threatening situations in which action is taken in an international context.
The name 'Frisian Flag' was chosen by analogy with the various similar exercises that all have 'Flag' in their name, such as 'Red Flag' (United States) and 'Maple Flag' (Canada).
Red Flag' refers to the red flag hoisted at a practice ground when any part of the armed forces is active there.
The name Frisian Flag refers to the province of Friesland, the home province of the airbase. For decades, international exercises with large numbers of fighter aircraft have taken place from Leeuwarden airbase.
From all these exercises, the current Frisian Flag evolved, which has carried this name since 1999 and is widely known.

Here are the photos I took the first week of the exercise, I was there on Monday 28th of March afternoon and Tuesday (29th) and Thursday (30th of March) all day

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